Article:  Targeted Practice Plans Be Creative!  Coach Lange

Article: Targeted Practice Plans Be Creative! Coach Lange

Targeted Creative Lacrosse Drills Jason Lange, Montevallo University – 32 Keep A Way After my recent podcast with this young coach, I was struck by his creativity, and began to give a lot more thought to my own personal practice plans. Incidentally, as it Corona Virus time the full podcast is free to all members, […]

Article: Mason Dixon Lacrosse Drill as they run it at Penn

Article: Mason Dixon Lacrosse Drill as they run it at Penn

Mason Dixon Lacrosse Drill From our Podcast w Mike Murphy, Penn In our recent podcast with Mike Murphy from Penn, Coach described how he has dramatically increased the pace and competitive element in his lacrosse practice plans since our last podcast three years ago. The competitive nature comes from the way he has split his […]

Article:  Compete Day at Merrimack!

Article: Compete Day at Merrimack!

Wednesday is “Compete Day! at Merrimack” Coach Mike Morgan I really loved the recent podcast with Coach Morgan. He is extremely organized and infuses his passion in every practice. Often in season they step up the tempo and competition with a Wednesday Compete Day. The entire 1 hr podcast with Coach Morgan is available for […]

Article: Salisbury Incredible New Lacrosse Drills

Article: Salisbury Incredible New Lacrosse Drills

Coach Berkman, Salisbury Designs 2 New Lacrosse Drills OK I admit I am extremely biased. Coach Berkman is a friend, a mentor, and has been an incredible positive influence on any success I have had as a lacrosse coach. In the recent podcast he shared four new drills he had designed for this year, this […]

Article: LIU 5V4 GB into transition into fun!

Article: LIU 5V4 GB into transition into fun!

5V4 GB Transition into fun!! Coach Eric Wolf, LIU OK, I now have a man crush on this great young coach. His practices are fast with five-minute drills and at the same time focus on fundamentals. This lacrosse drill is pretty straightforward, but an absolute blast to run. He gives credit to Coach DeLuca (Cornell, […]

Article: Unbelievable Roanoke Transition Drill

Article: Unbelievable Roanoke Transition Drill

Unbelievable Great Transition Drill from Roanoke Coach Bill Pilat OK, it is a consistently great program, and a consistently great Coach. They have been a transition team for a long time and Coach Pilat shares a key drill we had not seen before, and you are going to love this!! 341 Wins, 13 straight willing […]

Article: Shooting, Conditioning, Transition and More…

Article: Shooting, Conditioning, Transition and More…

Shooting, Conditioning, Transition and More… Coach Andrew Fink Coach Andrew Fink starting a new DIII Program at University of St. Joseph in Connecticut following a great run at Mt. Ida shared his practice philosophies in a recent podcast. I loved interviewing him and was intrigued by his practice philosophies that open with a lot of […]

NEW!!! eBook: LCM Transition Drills Vol II

First and foremost, I want to thank all of you so much for your support of my site. As you know it is our intent to keep 90% of the site free for registered members, and super content in the extensive library of podcast for our ‘Premium’ Member Family lacrosse coaching junkies… I am so thankful…Please read through this entire page to really digest what this product is about, And remember, these are not “My” drills (Ok well a few are,) they come from the top NCAA Lacrosse Coaches who have shared them on

I am so excited to share this with you. Your response to my first eBook on this critical element of lacrosse practices, Transition Lacrosse Drills Vol I, was humbling…You all know what a huge believer I am in running at least an hour in each practice of transition drills. And I just can’t believe the audiences at my “Transition” speaking sessions at US Lacrosse events. I continue to get tons of emails, looking for ideas and drills, and new twists on drills for teams ranging from U11 to NCAA lacrosse teams to expedite the learning curve for lacrosse fundamentals. This philosophy has helped me, and helped improve practices for thousands of coaches who are members of our site. Simply put, it works.

This is the second most comprehensive eBook project I have worked on to date. I am humbled and thankful by the hundreds and hundreds of eBooks you have purchased in the past. If you loved the Customized Practice Plans, Changing Philosophies in Coaching Lacrosse, Coaching Youth Lacrosse, or the Specialty Lacrosse Drills eBook, and Transition Drills Vol I, you are really going to love this one. To see all the other five eBooks Click Here… then hit your return button,

At the point of this announcement and publishing this eBook, the drills in the eBook come from our 140 plus hrs of interviews with top NCAA Coaches on our site,, many who run the same drills in many different configurations. Although we promised 25 of my favorite transition drills the eBook delivers so much more… You will immediately notice we have actually included 28 transition drills/articles, (I could not force myself to pick just 25) and many offer three to four variations on each drill. So there are 28 transition drills and more than an additional 30 plus variations. Total — Over 70 pages of good stuff… and a lot of diagrams.

Disclaimer — Almost all of the drills are taken form my articles on the site,, as well as other websites for which I write lacrosse coaching columns. Most are found scattered through websites and on line for free. The concept here was to compile the articles in one single heading of transition drills to help you, help your teams improve, in one single super-easy to navigate eBook, actually the second eBook on Transition Lacrosse Drills.

However, not all of the web published drills had diagrams and I have included many more in the eBook. Please do not email me suggesting you saw the same drill on my site for a refund, this is where they originally came from in many cases, and I want you to know this all on the front side.

Why think about purchasing this eBook?

Although there may be a few traditional drills, I can assure you they come with new twists. The difference between this and other products out there is the timing. This is latest transition lacrosse drills and variations coming from the top coaches in the country. These are not the traditional drills you grew up with, but the latest transition trends from the best NCAA Lacrosse Programs in the country.

Next– the timing of technology, if you have an app for saving a pdf file on your smart phone, ipad or any other popular ‘Reader’ you can have this ebook saved to reference whenever you like. There are a lot of free apps out there to do this, we use “Bluefire Reader” try it out it is also FREE! We have taken the time to put in electronic bookmarks to immediately link you to any of the 28 lacrosse drills and their variations.

If you are running five to eight transition drills in each practice, this allows you to keep the drills different or slightly different for each practice. This is a critical point as we have learned from NCAA coaches that having different drills each day at practice we keep the players interested and engaged at every level. I promise, with a little more time in selection and planning on your part, you will find the players are having a blast and learning and improving at a much faster rate, than traditional fast break drills or 6V6 with a bunch of players standing around.

Table of Contents:

Laxcoachmike Foreword, Why Transition?
Transition Communication Tips,

My Favorite Drill in this eBook…
Loyola, Army, The Knight Drill
3V2 And Double Too…
RIT, Great GB to 3V2, w Old/New Beginning
Salisbury, 1V1 to 3V2
Salisbury, Motion to 3V2
Yale, Add a Little Magic to 3V2
Queens, 3V2 Back to 2V1
LaxCoachMike, Quick Clear to 3V2
Army “29” Drill, 1V1 to 2V2, Pick to 3V2
Colorado State Great GB to 3V2 to 4V3
St. Johns, 3V2 Scrapper Drill
York, A Great 3V2

More “Crunch” Drills

Cabrini, 3V2 Crunch Vertical
Hampden-Sydney, 3V2 Crunch in the Circle
Marquette, Cone of Silence… 3V2

3V3 with More…

Mercer, 3V3 Plus One, a New Look
LaxCoachMike, 3V3 Lock On, ½ Field

“Keep-A-Way” Transition Looks… Increasingly more popular at the NCAA Level

Virginia, “In the Box”
Army, Nugget Drill

More Transition,

Brown, Re-Thinking D Mids/LSM’s in Transition
Bucknell, Contest the GB, into 4V3
Harvard, “The Crimson Drill”, w Rides/Clears
Colgate, “The Beast” Drill, 6V4
Hopkins, Retriever Drill, 6V5
LaxCoachMike, “Belly Drill” Condition/Transition

Full Field Transition Favorites…

Stevenson, Ultimate Scramble
RIT, Unsettled Transition
Adelphi, 15 Balls of Transition

We are introducing the price at $21.99 to give all these resources in one place. Again, almost all of my articles are available somewhere on the internet, for free, but here they come all in one super-easy reference eBook.

As with all of our materials, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you do not think you got a great value for your money, or the ideas for these drills and ideas you may get for new drills, just let me know within a week, and I will refund your entire purchase price. No risk, no hassle. Just do not tell me the drills could have been found elsewhere, we covered that…

After you decide to purchase the virtual product, you will be directed to our shopping cart with e-junkie. You have the option of paying with your PayPal Account or by credit card. And as always, with our virtual products, we are counting on your honesty not to distribute or reproduce, as they are our copyrighted materials…

At the end of the process when you click, submit or purchase (it may take a minute,) you will then receive an email from us (via e-junkie) with the download link. I think it will offer five attempts to download… If you happen to miss the download, just shoot me an email and we will get you fixed up! You can add to the cart or check out, but please consider all the eBooks, they come directly from the great stuff offered by top coaches in our website library… Thanks!

Important Note, Although the eBook is programmed to open automatically with Bookmarks appearing for easy navigation, many Browsers today now show the ‘pdf’ in a “Preview” Screen, if so please click the “Open Bookmarks” at the top and this will be much easier to navigate, thanks, M

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Lacrosse Coaching Clinics, laxcoachmike



We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to make the trip out here to LA to help move our program forward! We were very impressed with the presentation, the energy, and passion in which you gave us! All the coaches can’t wait for our next coaches meeting to put into practice the concepts you gave us!

Coach Casey Chabola, Culver City, CA


I can’t tell you enough how much I value our time together last week. You are an amazing communicator and a wizard at helping coaches become more prepared in order to be better coaches for our next generation of lacrosse players.

I held my 1st practice on Sunday and was totally prepared by pre-planning my practice to maximize our field time together. The drills you showcased in Culver City, CA were perfect for getting the most out of our first team practice. I didn’t need to think other than explain the drill and watch the timer to make sure I was keeping practice moving.

I had a blast meeting you and I really hope one day I get the chance to hang out and absorb more learning from you! You’re an inspiration to us youth coaches who just want to pass the game on our here in Los Angeles, CA!

Coach Durkin Guthrie

We brought Mike to Minnesota for his 3 hour general session, which was then attended by over 80 local coaches. Mike is a professional speaker by trade and it is evident in his presentation. Mike takes his role very seriously and studiously prepares his presentation for the audience. The 3 hours flew by and everyone in the room learned something new.

While Mike has a ton of knowledge for lacrosse strategies, drills and practice management, as his core he reminds everyone of what it means to be a coach and why our roles as coaches are important in the development of young minds.

Tim Roche
Eastview Lacrosse
Apple Valley, Minnesota
Tim, thanks for all of your work putting this together! laxcoachmike

From my friends at Connecticut Titans and Central Connecticut State

Comments from the weekend….

“I was the attackman in the American flag shorts. I wanted to email you and let you know how privilege I felt being able to work with you. I learned a lot not only as a player in the on field portion of your presentation today 9/27/14 but also as a coach in the class room portion. You have opened my eyes in all forms of this wonderful game we are involved in. The presentation has definitely touch me and for you to be able to teach us so much in just one short day shows just how great of a coach you are. Thank you for sharing your expertise not only with myself but with the other coaches and members of my team.” Tim Castelli Thanks Tim, but I but a messenger — the great practice ideas come from the coaches in our library! Coach Mike

“Nice to meet you today. I’ve been coaching for 30 years and I feel your clinic today was the single most valuable event I have attended. Thanks again, Coach Chris Stephan”


Here is what you get, a three-hour classroom session with video and new drills, followed by an 90 minute actual practice with one of your teams, your coaches are on the field with me, where they see first hand the amazing pace as well as the new concepts in the lacrosse drills… Each Coach also receives two eBooks, a $40 value just for attending, These are not my ideas, they come from so many great coaches willing to share… We are now booking for late this summer and fall…

Here are the topics we cover in the classroom, as well as on the field,

The Laxcoachmike Lacrosse Coaches Clinic,

* The Changing Nature of the Game and Equipment

* The Changing Nature of Kids and Players

* The Changing Nature of Practice Focus and Planning

* Touches, 200 in Hour One of Practice, see how we do it…

* Why Pace of Practice is Critical

* Why Every Drill Must Emulate a Game Scenario

* Offensive and Defensive Schemes

* Riding and Clearing

* Specialty Scenarios

Here is the feedback from a recent clinic in Chicago…

“As you know we are building a program from the ground up. I can’t tell you how great the classroom and field time was for our coaching staff. We are fortunate some of our coaches have high school or college playing experience. We all learned the game in the old school way of doing things, and have been teaching the game in the same fashion. The game has changed, why hadn’t we?

Your approach to this generation of lacrosse player combined with your ability to reiterate information collected from your interviews has changed our entire program’s approach for the better!…..much better!

We have had only one week of practice since the clinic. I have received an email from every coach commenting on what a difference this new approach makes to their practice.

The coaches are re-energized and excited teach these new concepts to our players. I can’t wait to see the progression.

Thank you so much for making the trip north, your students in the Windy City are looking forward to doing this again next year!”

P.S. My ball budget just tripled!

Mike Black

River City Lacrosse

More Feedback,


Thank you sir. I learned more in 3 hours than in my previous 4 years as the head coach of a start up program. Former baseball and basketball player with no lax experience I’ve grown to love it and like many WISH I could have played. Your approach is spot on and we are going to adopt a lot of what was presented.

Paul Sorensen
Farmington Lacrosse (More feedback on coaches clinics below)

Three hrs in the classroom with the coaches featuring PPT and some video, then a 90 min or two hr practice on the field with 20-25 players or so… this would be for the coaches in your network, and yes you may film if you like,

The coaches in your network would also receive access included in the clinic fees, to two of my five eBooks, the descriptions and contents are described in the products section of the site, and we have sold hundreds of eBooks and videos, and the response has been great as well as humbling,

* Customized Practice Plans $19 ea, 25 pages

* Transition Lacrosse Drills $19 ea, 70 pages

Fees: Discounted for any Members of our site, Free or Premium Members,
$ 900.00 plus travel expenses,

I have also provided more of a resume on me, and finally, following the clinic, and if you are happy with the work, I will ask you to supply a brief testimonial that I might use in my marketing materials and/or website,

Let me know your thoughts,

And thanks so much!

Coach Mike
Cell 770 335 2120

Laxcoachmike, Bio

Mike Muetzel, is one of the top lacrosse coaching resources in the country. His website, is the largest, most visited, dedicated resource for over 6,500 loyal member lacrosse coaches including lacrosse coaches from the Rec level through many NCAA DI programs, with over 850,000 page views. In the last six years, Mike has spent over 250 hours of personal one-on-one time with more than 60 of the greatest Men’s College Coaches from DI through DIII, discussing and then sharing via the internet, the significant changes in their lacrosse coaching philosophies, their new-style practice plans and drills, high pace practices and a focus on fun and touches. Thus laxcoachmike is an extremely popular speaker at US Lacrosse.

This evolving nature of coaching lacrosse players in practice results in tremendous levels of improvement in very short periods of time, and Mike is quick to recognize they are not his concepts but from the nationally recognized coaches so willing to share their changes in philosophy and practice. The key is Mike’s ability to take the latest trends at the NCAA level, combined with his 35 years of lacrosse experience, and apply them to expedite the improvement of players from the U13 level through his nationally ranked travel teams. Very simply, players love the practice time featuring 300 touches per player in each session.

Coach Mike is a former US Lacrosse Coach of the Year in Georgia. In January 2010 the Copperhead team coached by Muetzel won the National Championship in the Dicks Sporting Goods Tournament of Champions for the Rising Stars Division with wins over Krunch, Rutgers Leading Edge and Burning River from Ohio. His teams have faced the best Club Lacrosse Teams in North America including Team Florida, Baltimore Crabs, Baltimore Trilogy, Connecticut Chargers, Kanienkehakah Krunch Tribe, Ontario Edge, British Columbia, Minute Men and many others. In his five-year tenure coaching the Copperhead travel team, his teams have won seventeen different tournaments across North America, including the U17 Dick’s National Championship. In 2011, Muetzel was announced as the new Head Coach at Auburn competing in the SELC Division of the MCLA, and in 2013 Coach Mike was recognized by his peers as SELC DI Coach of the year.

In addition to his podcasts, his coaching clinics across the country, and coaching his teams, Mike writes a popular column found on He has authored five top selling eBooks on changing philosophies in coaching and lacrosse drills, produced a 90 minute DVD Coaching U15 with College Drills as well as other articles for (Popular website for the MCLA).

Comments on Mike…

“He is passionate about lacrosse, a student of the game, a Former Coach of the Year, he took a four-year program to the State Championship (McIntosh) and frankly is a talented and GREAT lacrosse coach. He can provide practice plans, technical instruction, scouting reports, motivation, and access to the best coaches Division I NCAA in the country. If you want someone who can take your program to the next level then why not consider a coach who has been there and can get your program there? I’m not promoting Mike because he’s my good friend, I’m promoting him because that is what I would do if I was in your situation.”

Pete Cramblet, Lacrosse Hall of Fame

The information for the evolving philosophies is not mine, but from the 100+ hours of interviews regarding practice plans from the contributing coaches to our website,

Coach Danowski, Duke
Coach Pietramala, Johns Hopkins
Coach Bill Tierney, Denver
Coach Starsia, University of Virginia
Coach Pressler, Bryant
Coach Meade, when at Navy
Coach Jez, CW Post
Coach Daly, Tufts
Coach Cerino, Limestone
Coach JB Clark, Limestone
Coach Toomey, Loyola
Coach Beville, Cortland State
Coach Bates, Princeton
Coach Cottle,
Coach Myers, Ohio State
Coach Alberici, Army
Coach Paul, U of M,
Coach Zimmerman, UMBC
Coach Tiffany, Brown
Coach Pilate, Roanoke
Coach Marr, Albany
Coach Seth Tierney, Hofstra
Coach Hank Janczyk, Gettysburg
Coach Roy Simmons, Syracuse
Coaches Gallagher and Popelar,
Coach Wolford, Upper Arlington
Coach Corrigan, Notre Dame
Coach Cannella, U Mass
Coach Berkman, Salisbury
Coach Kerwick , Cornell
Coach Cantabene, Stevenson
Coach Tambroni, Penn State
Coach Sheehan, LeMoyne
Coach Sowell, Navy
Coach Shay, Yale
Coach Ryan, Mercyhurst
Coach Urick, Georgetown
Coach Seaman, Towson
Anthony Kelly, FOGO
Coach Shillinglaw, Delaware
Coach Caravana, Denison
Coach Garber,
Coach Koudelka, Lynchburg
Coach Shriver, Boys Latin
Coach Towers, Dartmouth
Coach Murphy, Penn
Coach Rostan, Hampden Sidney
Coach Wojcik, Harvard
Coach DeLuca, Cornell
Coach Lawrence, Hartford
Coach Purdie, Adelphi
Coach Coon, RIT
Coach Wilbur, Onondaga
Coach Breschi, NC
Brodie Merrill, The Hill
Coach Van Arsdale, JU
Coach Murphy, Colgate
Coach Woods, Colorado College
Coach  Smith, Colorado State
Coach Miller, St. Johns
Coach Hannon, Mercer
Coach Torpey, Highpoint
Coach McCabe W&L
Coach Brandon Childs, York
Coach Jim Fritz, Queens
Coach Jeff Shirk, Washington College
and more…