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This is a great lacrosse shooting drill we have taken from our interview with Coach Myers from Ohio State. We are always looking for new drills, creative drills, fast paced drills, drills that incorporate a number of fundamentals and players, and drills that directly emulate game situations. This unique concept lacrosse drill goes beyond most typical shooting drills in meeting all of our criteria as well as taking them to a new level.

The more we talk to top college coaches the more we begin to understand the correlation between success and running drills that not only emulate game situations but in addition, are run out of sets that we actually run or see in games. What we often on this site refer to as “Snapshots of Games” as a description of the best drills, Coach Myers refers to as a “piece of our Offense” in his drills.

This is a shooting drill that can start with the ball or a ground ball, a split dodge, quick passes to the outside shoulder utilizing both the right and left hand fundamentals of the players involved.

The drill features three players, and is run out of pieces of a 1-4-1 set. [private]In this drill there are no players in the crease or at ‘X.’ A line of players up top of the restraining line and two lines of players on the goal line extended each about ten yards to the sides of the crease. The drill begins with the player up top with a split dodge and immediately at the end of the spilt dodge a quick pass to the player adjacent on GLE. The player adjacent moves to the ball catches near his head in the triple threat position, and immediately passes to the player on the far side, in essence emulating a skip pass for a shot.

The characteristic of this drill that makes it unique is the player up top has the options of going right and then splitting back to his left, or beginning to his left and splitting to his right. This forces the two ‘wing’ players to react. If the ball carrier is coming at them out of the dodge, then they are the next look in the drill and move to catch the first pass. The third player now becomes the “One More” pass to a shot. So it could be a right hand or left hand pass, to an opposite left or right hand catch and pass, to a right or left hand shot. And the drill moves very quickly for four to five minutes and is often used as a part of a series of shooting drills for the day.

If you are now catching on to this drill with a read philosophy you can see how you might create your own version out of a 2-2-2, or 1-3-2, etc, but using three players located in the pre-determined set, a dodge, read, pass or skip pass to a shot. Very Cool.

As always, keep a big pile of balls up top, and keep it moving every three to four seconds. With experienced players, if we drop the pass, the drill is over as the next three might already be underway, or immediately begin the next group. If you are working with younger or developmental players keep a pile of balls at each station, and on a drop have the player pick up a ball from the pile at each station and continue accordingly. And slow it down a little, but not too much…

Coach Mike

Piece of Offense Ohio State 2 Pass Shooting Drill[/private]

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