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Tambroni Penn State 4 Core Shooting Drill

In our recent podcast with Coach Jeff Tambroni, Former Head Coach, Cornell Lacrosse, now Penn State, he shared his 4-Core Shooting Drill. Many of the coaches we have talked to regarding lacrosse shooting drills have a number of ‘running and shooting’ drills, and use shooting drills as a warm up for practice. It was interesting to hear Coach Tambroni stress the fact that these shots off a pass, stay in a 3-5 yard area. It was also interesting to us, that these drills are done every day for 15-20 minutes before practice begins with stretching. Coach Tambroni stressed repetition, thus he recommended as few players in a line as possible, recommending three per line, and with multiple cages.

The all four phases of the drill start with two lines 10-12 yards from the cage. This is critical to Cornell as the defined shooting area, 12 yards with Room and Space, and 10 yards off a running shot. Log in or register for free to read rest of the article, and the diagram…


The first player passes the ball to the ‘Shooter’ who is facing him, with the stick up towards midfield or the outside shoulder as we like to say.

The player who feeds then immediately becomes the next shooter catching a pass from the next in line from the line across and so on… so after the first player, the next player in line always has a ball in their stick, ready to be the Feeder, then the Shooter.

Room and Time

The first drill is a pass to the ‘Shooter’ catching the pass with arms extended and strong shooting position who shoots at a targeted spot in the cage. Again there is not a lot of stepping or running, catch step or two and release.

Quick Dodge

This drill has the same format, but when the player catches the pass from the ‘high side’ they immediately Face Dodge, step and align themselves to the cage and shoot. This all takes place in roughly three yards from where they caught the pass. The ‘Feeder’ quickly becomes the ‘Shooter’ and so on.

Hitch and Go

The lines and rotation stay the same. Off the pass to the outside shoulder, the Shooter now performs a ‘Hitch’ and quick fake, then sweeps or steps, aligns to the cage and shoots. The Hitch move is just short of a full fake shot or pass, with the shooter faking by turning his stick a quarter or half turn, pulling it down, stepping aligning and shooting. Again within the three to five yards defined.

Roll Back

The final phase of the 4 Core Shooting begins the same. The Shooter takes the pass on the outside shoulder, (again, inside of the field), performs a Face Dodge, now headed down the alley or channel, for a few steps, then “Roll Dodges” back to the inside and shoots. Again a great lacrosse drill.

As with all drills with our players, quick reps and fast paced is the key. At Cornell they keep it aggressively moving for a total of fifteen minutes. If you have any questions send us an email or call, and I hope the diagram helps all of our lacrosse coaches get it set up.

Coach Mike

Tambroni 4-Core Shooting Drill


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  1. KSULAX Says:

    Excellent use of all four kinds of shooting drills rolled into one. Need for accurate shooting if you want your team to score goals.

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