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Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 10.13.22 AMA New Jailbreak Scramble from Jacksonville University
Coach John Galloway

Coach Galloway may be a relatively new Head Lacrosse Coach, but he is certainly not new to lacrosse coaches. Coach was awesome on my recent podcast and shared a number of great lacrosse drills. Here we feature a great drill that can be fun and effective for all age groups and talent levels. At JU this is their version of “Jailbreak.”

This is a 6V6 Scramble Lacrosse Drill. It is a relatively straight forward drill with a lot of options, and a unique focus at JU.

The drill begins with six offensive and six defensive players and a goalie, [private]with a Coach up top rolling out ground balls to begin the drill. In this configuration the offensive players are lined up at GLE facing the top of the Box. Behind them is a line six defensive players also facing the top of the Box. All players take a “Sprinter’s Stance.” This adds to the fun, see the diagram below,

The offensive players must face 100% forward, in the words of Coach Galloway “They cannot see the defender’s jersey.” However at JU they execute this drill as one with a physical and aggressive nature in terms of gaining possession of the ground ball. In addition, the defense is very aggressive in their matchups. In the podcast and the free preview to listen to coach describe the drill, Coach refers to it as “Tender Up”…. Kind of like a dating service. Click Here then Free Preview to listen to Coach Galloway describe how the run the rill at JU, for all free members.

At JU what adds to the culture and competitive nature of this drill are all of the other offensive player lined up on one sideline (or close to it) and all of the other defensive players on the other sideline who are all enthusiastically engaged cheering for the teams to help enhance the competitive element.

Coach rolls a ball anywhere, and we play. At JU the rules are that if the offensive players gain possession then two quick passes, and we play. You can rotate in a new group for each rep, or I like to leave the same players in the drill for best two out of three (add competition) before rotating in new players.

If the defense gains possession, they can clear to midfield.

I have used this drill this week to close practice with a competitive element, sprints, etc, to make it more intense and more fun.

Options to make it different each day….

1. Instead of two quick passes the offense must initiate off of a “Pass Down – “Pick Down”
2. Or perhaps three passes before going to the cage
3. Defense must “Double” the first pass to create a transition element
4. Or if the defense gains the possession the defenders must pass the ball to the goalie, and then we have an aggressive Riding and Clearing element a full 50 yards like a set up clear, rather than a defender scooping a ground ball and run-clearing through the midfield line

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