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Another year, now in our 9th year providing free content on lacrosse drills, now over 900,000 pageviews, I am so humbled by your support, Every December we close out the year with our Top Ten Drills that had the most clicks and pageviews from you our Member Coaches. Here you go, enjoy!! All of these drills have already been published on my site in the article section, but I thought you might enjoy having the most popular drills from 2017 in one place!

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# 10 –Yale Defense Drills, Coach Baxter

This is the most creative way I have seen to grow communication within your defense, the comments from coaches have been amazing! Coaches are seeing dynamic improvements in communication from HS players,

#9 — Rapid Fire, Coach Polley, Boston College

This drill is awesome! If you are looking to improve ball movement in a fun “scramble-like” setting with quick reps check this out!

#8 — Colorado College Crunch Drills, Coach Woods

These tight space crunch drills have become an important part of many NCAA Lacrosse Practices, and very popular on my site, in this drill the markings provide the space, and the variety makes it a blast!

# 7 — Duke (2016), This is how to run 1V1’s Coach Danowski

This article is still among the most popular on my site, even though it was published in 2016 following the podcast w Coach Danowski, the focus is on how to make your 1V1’s so much more game realistic, an amazing tool to have in your practice plans!

#6 — Virginia Fast 5V4, Coach Tiffany

Coach Tiffany has been an awesome friend to my site, and his drills are extremely popular w all of you, if you like fast, and you like transition, check this out!

#5 — Albany Quick Start, Coach Marr

Ever wonder how the great coaches drill fast play, here you go, fast, recognition, and an additional phase that makes it really game realistic, one of my favorites!

#4 — Cabrini, Hub to 4V4, Coach Colfer

This is from a coach that always impresses me…if you are looking for a drill to improve offense and defense out of a 4V4 then you will love it, once you get it the options will improve your offense in a huge way,

#3 — Limestone 4V3 then add one, Coach JB Clarke

OK maybe I am biased, but the drills we get from JB Clarke are incredible, if you have a full roster your players will love this GB to 4V3, try it this way!

#2 — Canadian Shooting Drill, Coach Huntley
Atlanta Blaze, Calvert Hall

This drill came from a live podcast we did at the US Lacrosse Convention in January. I talk to a lot of coaches, but this dialog on how to maximize the shooting percentage in tight made my head spin. It has had a major impact in changing the way I coached these fundamentals for the last 30 yrs. He has some great thoughts and has become a great friend, please check this out,

#1 — Practice Planning for Generation Z laxcoachmike US Lacrosse Handout

OK, this is kind of weird for me, OK really weird for me, this is actually the handout (filled w concepts and drills) from my 2016 US LaxCon presentation, remember this is not my material but a synopsis of what I have learned from great coaches, the pageviews were well over 1,000 from lacrosse coaches… humbling to say the least, again, thank you,

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