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Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 10.03.12 AMGA Tech, Coach Ken Lovic, MCLA President
The Hub Drill…

OK, my head is still spinning a bit from this portion of the podcast. I chose this specific drill to write about and feature in the Preview Sample for all Free Members as it demonstrates the difference in practice philosophies. Or at the very least opened my eyes his unique way to focus of defensive slides in a drill that I would have never thought to use for that point of teaching and emphasis. And let there be no mistake this is a very strong defensive team under his direction.

He refers to this drill as their “Hub Drill” and it is basically a 5V5 drill and initiates out of a 2-1-2 look or a 1-4-1 look with five players. So many of us run 5V5 in practice but perhaps I learned a whole new perspective.[private]

Actually, in context we were discussing the player’s favorite drill, and then I asked him for his favorite drill, and off we went…

Maybe like you I run 5V5 to focus on an aggressive offense during a Substitution Box scenario and have written articles on such. Or I run the drill to open up a little offensive space versus a 6V6 to have the offense clear through or open room for dodging, or an off ball pick offense where there is more space for the offensive players to recognize an open man off ball.

All the key words here are “offensively” or at least for me. Coach Lovic runs his 5V5 this way almost every practice with perspective totally different then mine might be traditionally. He refers to this drill as a “Slide Drill.”

Coach places a heavy emphasis on using this tool to teach with an intended outcome of three or four defensive players all understanding the appropriate slides … at the same time. For coach this is a great tool for creating simultaneous recognition from the five players in the defensive unit.

Key Defensive Focus:

Where to be

Thus the true action of this drill at GA Tech does not initiate with a scripted dodge or a pre-designated double team. Quite the contrary the offense spins the ball creating a more game realistic situation, then focusing on players clearing through or perhaps off ball activity.

Every movement of the offense creates a slightly different slide recognition and communication, and here is where he build the defenses they are known for. The true benefit of the drill is not just a 5V5 scrimmage but a teaching tool for slides. In all my years I had never used this configuration with this as the key teaching emphasis.

In each rep, Coach prefers to get at least one drive from topside, and a drive from behind with each group before bringing in a new set of players into the 5V5.

Not sure about you but it made me think… and I can attest from coaching against GA Tech the results are formidable.

Love to get your comments below,

Coach Lovic explains this better than your humble correspondent, CLICK HERE to listen to a short clip for all Free Members, and then give it some thought.


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