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Ever scramble for an extra Roster for the Table, a Game Announcer in the Booth or requests for Rosters for Programs? This format is an extremely tool to save you time and anxiety in an excel format. You fill it in once and you are set to go, although it can be easily modified. Use it for any number of applications ranging from your personal reminder sheet, to a quick stat reference during the game with your table or assistants.

  • Player Names
  • Positions
  • Starting Attack, Midfield, Defense as well as Substitutions
  • In Home at the top
  • Man Up Players
  • Man Down Players
  • Quick Stats on Goals/Assists
  • Quick Stats on Ground Balls
  • Quick stats on Face Offs
  • And more you can design…

[private]Download Roster Guide[/private]

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  1. coachmike Says:


    I just tested it, you need to log in, then ‘right click’ the download word, and the roster will open for you to save,

    Thanks Coach Mike

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