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slide1screen-shot-2016-12-20-at-8-35-46-amFREE PODCAST! I think this is a must listen for all lacrosse coaches and all lacrosse programs. After years in development these recommendations are incredible and perhaps long overdue to keep positive growth in the game we all love. TJ Buchanan is a good friend of my site and takes us through these awesome improvements. This podcast is so important to me, it is Free for all Members of my site, both Free and Premium Members,

I strongly encourage you to share this program, this link to the pdf, with all of your Feeder Program folks, Parents and Coaches,

TJ Buchanan is the Technical Director of Athlete Development at US Lacrosse. His primary function in this role is to research and develop resources, tools, and developmental programs to help lacrosse coaches, parents, and organizations provide the best lacrosse experience possible to their athletes.

TJ has presented on the topic of Athlete Development to many audiences including the United States Olympic Committee, the US Tennis Association, and numerous lacrosse specific conventions and conferences. In addition to his work at US Lacrosse, TJ has coached nearly all ages and skill levels of lacrosse, from a 6U co-ed recreational program, all the way up to being an Assistant Coach with the Gettysburg College Men’s Lacrosse team during their last three seasons, which included two NCAA Division 3 Semi-Final appearances and an overall record of 44-10.

Prior to US Lacrosse, TJ spent 13 years teaching in public education with post-graduate work in Exercise Science and Physical Education, as well as a Master’s degree in Education.

In this podcast, I a was amazed at the insight and research done by the committee, please listen to the podcast, or download and share the mp3 file, it is that important to all of us!

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Full Audio Interview For all Free and Premium Members! Please listen to the podcast in its entirety, and then download and share with everyone in the lacrosse community, I am sure you will be as impressed as I am…The depth of the research as well as the results are amazing!

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