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First and foremost, I want to thank all of you so much for your support of the site. As you know it is our intent to keep 90% of the site free for registered members, and super content in the extensive library of podcast for our ‘Premium’ Member Family lacrosse coaching junkies… I am thankful…

I am so excited to share this with you. You all know what a huge believer I am in running at least an hour in each practice of transition drills. I get tons of emails, looking for ideas and drills, and new twists on drills for teams ranging from U11 to NCAA lacrosse teams to expedite the learning curve for lacrosse fundamentals. This philosophy has helped me, and helped improve practices for thousands of coaches who are members of our site. Simply put, it works.

This is the biggest most comprehensive eBook project I have worked on to date. I am humbled and thankful by the hundreds and hundreds of eBooks you have purchased in the past. If you loved the Customized Practice Plans, Changing Philosophies in Coaching Lacrosse, Coaching Youth Lacrosse, or the Specialty Lacrosse Drills eBook, you are really going to love this one.

At the point of this announcement and publishing this eBook, the drills in the eBook come from our 65 hrs of interviews with top NCAA Coaches on our site, www.laxcoachmike.com, many who run the same drills in many different configurations. Although we promised 25 of my favorite transition drills the eBook delivers so much more… You will immediately notice we have actually included 28 transition drills/articles, (I could not force myself to pick just 25) and many offer three to four variations on each drill. So there are well over 25 drills and more than an additional 30 plus variations. Total — 70 pages of good stuff… with 29 diagrams.

Disclaimer — Almost all of the drills are taken form my articles on the site, as well as other websites for which I write lacrosse coaching columns. Most are found scattered through websites and on line for free. The concept here was to compile the articles in one single heading of transition drills to help you, help your teams improve, in one single super-easy to navigate eBook.

However, not all of the web published drills had diagrams and I have included many more in the eBook. Please do not email me suggesting you saw the same drill on my site for a refund, this is where they originally came from in many cases, and I want you to know this all on the front side.

Why think about purchasing this eBook?

Although there may be a few traditional drills, I can assure you they come with new twists. The difference between this and other products out there is the timing. This is latest transition lacrosse drills and variations coming from the top coaches in the country. These are not the traditional drills you grew up with, but the latest transition trends from the best NCAA Lacrosse Programs in the country.

Next– the timing of technology, if you have an app for saving a pdf file on your smart phone, ipad or any other popular ‘Reader’ you can have this ebook saved to reference whenever you like. There are a lot of free apps out there to do this, we use “Bluefire Reader” try it out it is also FREE! We have taken the time to put in electronic bookmarks to immediately link you to any of the 28 lacrosse drills and their variations.

If you are running five to eight transition drills in each practice, this allows you to keep the drills different or slightly different for each practice. This is a critical point as we have learned from NCAA coaches that having different drills each day at practice we keep the players interested and engaged at every level. I promise, with a little more time in selection and planning on your part, you will find the players are having a blast and learning and improving at a much faster rate, than traditional fast break drills or 6V6 with a bunch of players standing around.

Table of Contents

Beginning Concepts

Transition Communication Tips
Old Fast Breaks – The New Way…
Even – Down – Even

Transition Drills for any Roster, any Level…

2V1 Swing Drill
2V1 Passion Drill
3V2 From The Alleys
3V2 And Shooting Too!
3V2 REACT Drill
3V2 Sideline to Sideline or 70 yds…
3V2 70 yds Like You have never Seen it…
Clear to 3V2

4V3 – 3 Ways…
4V3 Both Ways in the Box!
4V4 ‘Lock On’ to Transition Drill
4v4 Sideline to Sideline Transition Drill

5V4 Transition with a Purpose Drill
5V4 Ground Balls in a Box Scramble Drill
Clear to 5V4 Transition Drill

Half Field Transition Drills

6V6 Jailbreak
Transition to 6V6
Crush the Field 5V5 Transition Drill

More 70 yd Transition Drills

The ‘Hill’ Transition Drill
Counter Attack Transition Drill

Full Field Transition Drills

2V1 Gr Balls to Full Field
5V5 Full Field Transition Drill ‘Slugger Drill’ 5V4 for a Blast in Transition
Full Field – ‘Add One’ w Face Offs

Featured Introductory Price
$21.99 Or about $1.27 per drill, or less than $.50 per drill with all the variations…

We are introducing the price at $21.99 for the first month and then it will go up to the retail of $29.99 to give all these resources in one place. Again, almost all of my articles are available somewhere on the internet, for free, but here they come all in one super-easy reference eBook.

As with all of our materials, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you do not think you got a great value for your money, or the ideas for these drills and ideas you may get for new drills, just let me know within a week, and I will refund your entire purchase price. No risk, no hassle. Just do not tell me the drills could have been found elsewhere, we covered that…

After you decide to purchase the virtual product, you will be directed to our shopping cart with e-junkie. You have the option of paying with your PayPal Account or by credit card. And as always, with our virtual products, we are counting on your honesty not to distribute or reproduce, as they are our copyrighted materials…

At the end of the process when you click, submit or purchase (it may take a minute,) you will then receive an email from us (via e-junkie) with the download link. I think it will offer five attempts to download… If you happen to miss the download, just shoot me an email mike@laxcoachmike.com and we will get you fixed up! You can add to the cart or check out, but please consider all the eBooks, they come directly from the great stuff offered by top coaches in our website library… Thanks!

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