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Specialty Drills for Lacrosse Practice

We have received a ton of emails asking for help in these specific or specialty areas for lacrosse drills. Many lacrosse coaches have access to a lot of material on lacrosse shooting drills, or offensive plays…

But lacrosse coaches keep asking us, “How do we do meaningful lacrosse drills, or defensive lacrosse drills, with our poles, while our offense is working at the other end?” And watching lazy long passes for 20 minutes just does not seem to cut it…

Or, if you are like me, you recognize the critical nature of face offs, and face off lacrosse drills, yet it is not my area of experience or real expertise…

Or I want to get away from lacrosse line drills, and focus on touches, but I need some new ideas for lacrosse warm up drills…

This eBook is a little different than our other eBook products in that we want to focus on some additional lacrosse drills specifically designed to enhance a team’s skill set in different specific game situations. I think of them as Specialty Drills in that they are not necessarily team drills for the entire team but designed to focus on unique elements that contribute to the ‘whole’ if you will. Some of the drills are from articles on the site, some of the lacrosse drills are from the interviews, and one or two from the earlier eBooks… but the Bookmark Page will make it an easy reference guide for you…

Most of the teams whose coaches are members of our site often are limited to a single coach with meaningful experience or for some possibly a coach and a half, if you know what I mean. So the drills are relatively simple in that they can be run by a single coach who is doing the warm ups, or while one coach is with the offense doing shooting drills, a single coach can work with the poles.

We also received a lot of comments from the Customized Practice Plan eBook asking us to provide the thought or strategy behind the drills, in addition to just the diagrams…. understanding that the college coaches have taught us to directly emulate game scenarios with every drill, as well as explain ‘why’ to the players. So in this eBook, we do a little more explaining as well as diagrams, with creative ideas to add variations to the drills.

What is in this 40 page eBook…?

General Warm Up Drills

Star Passing Drill
3 Man, 2 Ball Short Passing
3 Man GB Pick Up
4 Corner Give & Go
4 Man, 2 Ball Sideline to Sideline

Drills for Defensemen
Sideline to Sideline GB
Sideline to Sideline GB Lateral
Defense Footwork Drills
Defense Footwork Over Pipe I
Defense Footwork Step Over 2 Man
Defense Footwork, Sprint to X, Recover
Wherever Pass Drill
Wherever, Hockey Style
Defense, Keep Away Knock Down
Defense Knock Down Notre Dame Style
Re-Direct for Pre-Game
Re-Direct to 3V2
4V3 Box Drill, by Cage
Skip Pass Take-a-Way
Slide Spoke Drill, Stony Brook
1V1 General Drill
V” Drill & Variations
Baby V Drill
Grown Up V Drill
Sideline V Drill

Face Off Drills

1V1 Variations
Anthony Kelly, Back to Back Drill
Anthony Kelly Butt End War
Anthony Kelly Wrecking Ball

As with all of our materials, your satisfaction is 100% guranteed. If you do not think you got a great value for your money, or the ideas for these drills and ideas you may get for new drills, just let me know within a week, and I will refund your entire purchase price. No risk, no hassle.

The retail price on the eBook is $29.97

Discount Offer $19.77

Important Note:

After you decide to purchase the virtual product, you will be directed to our shopping cart with e-junkie. You have the option of paying with your PayPal Account or by credit card. And as always, with our virtual products, we are counting on your honesty not to distribute or reproduce, as they are our copyrighted materials…

At the end of the process when you click, submit or purchase (it may take a minute,) you will then receive an email from us (via e-junkie) with the download link. I think it will offer five attempts to download… If you happen to miss the download, just shoot me an email mike@laxcoachmike.com and we will get you fixed up! You can add to the cart or check out, but please consider all the eBooks, they come directly from the great stuff offered by top coaches in our website library… Thanks!

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    Paul, No worries, just send me an email mike@laxcoachmike.com, and we can talk on the phone, I can take the info… or we can work it out,

    Coach Mike

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    Thanks for all the great response to this new eBook, You all are great!

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    I’m trying to buy the transition drills and specialty drills books at the same time but am having problems with the system. Am I doing something wrong?

    Geoff Sebold

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